Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yippee ~ a studio overhaul!

Today is the Friday of my work week (yay!) and I'm excited to get some new storage for my little studio on my days off! It's really a closet outfitted with a desk top and a couple of shelves but I have big dreams for my little space! I went shopping for some modular cubes, shelves and cupboards last night and came home with lots of dimensions and sketches of what is available. I think that I came up with a configuration that will maximize my storage and leave plenty of space for visual inspiration. Right now, frankly, the space is a bit of a mess and I definitely don't feel inspired to create when I'm in there. I'm also looking for a sturdy gateleg/fold-down table to sew on and for working on bigger papery projects. Thankfully, I have some room outside of the the bi-fold doors too :) If I'm feeling brave I'll post some before photos & I'll definitely post some after photos :)

On another note, I'm so enjoying the changing of the seasons. My afternoon commute along I-5 is quite beautiful most of the time but with the trees on the hillsides bursting with fall color it really is lovely. Not quite as lovely when traffic is jammed though I'm usually early enough to miss the chaotic masses :)

Well, I'm off to see what's cookin' over at the cssteam forum on Etsy. Hopefully more to follow in the next few days :)

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