Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ahh, autumn... I just love it :)

I took a couple of pictures of my fall-y front porch...

I put this little wreath together with a $2.99 grapevine form and a couple of $1.99 leaf sprays from Joann's. I had already purchased 3 pretty mums, so I tried to choose leaves to complement them. The wreath looks a little crookedy in the photo and I thought about taking another, but the few rays of sun that had peeked through momentarily were quickly replaced by a dark and stormy sky. And, brrrr, the temperature dropped! The trees are going to be in their full, autumn glory soon!

I purchased these mums at Carpinito Bros. in a nearby town. They have the best seasonal produce and flowers in an open air setting. They grow their own corn nearby and back a truck-full right up front. They also have an a-maze-ing (a-maize-ing?) corn maze and u-pick pumpkins. It's a popular place and usually pretty busy, but the atmosphere is fun and fresh and brimming with color!


Another Etsy treasury! I can't help myself... they're a little addictive :) These are all cssteam goodies too!

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