Friday, October 24, 2008

Another cssteam treasury :)

It's early and I'm waiting, somewhat patiently, until I can work on my studio without waking the neighbors. I think their bedroom is just on the other side of the wall where I'm putting up shelving... gotta love condo living! :)

In the meantime, here's a shot of the treasury that I have up on Etsy right now ~ beautiful stuff!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yippee ~ a studio overhaul!

Today is the Friday of my work week (yay!) and I'm excited to get some new storage for my little studio on my days off! It's really a closet outfitted with a desk top and a couple of shelves but I have big dreams for my little space! I went shopping for some modular cubes, shelves and cupboards last night and came home with lots of dimensions and sketches of what is available. I think that I came up with a configuration that will maximize my storage and leave plenty of space for visual inspiration. Right now, frankly, the space is a bit of a mess and I definitely don't feel inspired to create when I'm in there. I'm also looking for a sturdy gateleg/fold-down table to sew on and for working on bigger papery projects. Thankfully, I have some room outside of the the bi-fold doors too :) If I'm feeling brave I'll post some before photos & I'll definitely post some after photos :)

On another note, I'm so enjoying the changing of the seasons. My afternoon commute along I-5 is quite beautiful most of the time but with the trees on the hillsides bursting with fall color it really is lovely. Not quite as lovely when traffic is jammed though I'm usually early enough to miss the chaotic masses :)

Well, I'm off to see what's cookin' over at the cssteam forum on Etsy. Hopefully more to follow in the next few days :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ahh, autumn... I just love it :)

I took a couple of pictures of my fall-y front porch...

I put this little wreath together with a $2.99 grapevine form and a couple of $1.99 leaf sprays from Joann's. I had already purchased 3 pretty mums, so I tried to choose leaves to complement them. The wreath looks a little crookedy in the photo and I thought about taking another, but the few rays of sun that had peeked through momentarily were quickly replaced by a dark and stormy sky. And, brrrr, the temperature dropped! The trees are going to be in their full, autumn glory soon!

I purchased these mums at Carpinito Bros. in a nearby town. They have the best seasonal produce and flowers in an open air setting. They grow their own corn nearby and back a truck-full right up front. They also have an a-maze-ing (a-maize-ing?) corn maze and u-pick pumpkins. It's a popular place and usually pretty busy, but the atmosphere is fun and fresh and brimming with color!


Another Etsy treasury! I can't help myself... they're a little addictive :) These are all cssteam goodies too!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I posted a couple of new treasuries on Friday and finally figured out how to get a screen shot to post ~ yay! :) All of these gorgeous goodies are by members of our fabulous Cottage Style Street Team!


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