Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One project down...

And 'several' more to go ~ lol. I finished my pillow project... actually, it's been done for about a week but I'm just getting around to posting photos. I have several of these quilt blocks but decided to start with just one pillow. I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

I used fabric from a vintage, twin bedspread as the body of the pillow cover. I love the aqua color and the texture reminds me of vintage upholstery fabric ~ neat-o!

After I had sewn the back panels on, I realized that the pattern was running the opposite way from the front panel. This is a happy accident because I like the way it looks better than if it was matching. I think it gives it more character.

The block is made of lightweight cotton so I backed it with white fabric so the pretty colors would pop and framed it with vintage, baby ric-rac in black to complement to black embroidery. When I sewed the block onto the backing, I already had black thread loaded on my machine and I figured I'd be covering it with the ric-rac anyway ~ lol ~ that stuff is TINY! I'm calling the black stitching that peeks out here and there 'character' too :)

The pillow cover is envelope style and I used the contrasting texture of the top edge of the bedspread fabric for the side of the opening that shows. I considered adding buttons to the closure but I think I like it the way it is :) Thanks for taking a peek!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sweetest vintage fabrics on the block...

Before I blather on about my newest purchases *tee-hee* I'd like to thank those of you who voted on my little music poll! It looks like it's 7 to 3 in favor of adding some tunes! I think I will add a music player but I'll try to choose songs that won't knock you off of your chair when they start :)

As usual, I've been doing some shopping for vintage goodies. I remembered these cute, vintage quilt blocks that I had added to my Etsy favorites but I couldn't find them anywhere... I figured that the listing had expired. I sifted through my memory, trying to recall where I had seen them, and my old brain cells suggested, "BerryLane.etsy.com..." I checked that shop first and didn't see the blocks currently listed or in her sold items. Then I visited BerryLane's sister shop, CottageBubbles.etsy.com, thinking that maybe I found the ballpark but not the right field. Not there either. Hmmm. So I sent a convo to CottageBubbles explaining my search. Sure enough, Wendy told me that they were listed in her BerryLane shop but had expired and she would be happy to relist them ~ yay! I received them yesterday along with a sweet ACEO that I just couldn't resist and some delightful extras that were such a nice surprise :) Thank you so much, Wendy... you're a sweetheart!

I'm not thrilled with the composition of this photo, but I'm excited to share these goodies with you! An adorable ACEO with a reminder to 'hold fast to your dreams' ~ so sweet! A lovely dressform tag with wonderful wallpaper bod ~ *love it* And last, but certainly not least, dee-licious pink grapefruit sea salt spa soap with a juicy, fresh scent and most beautiful pink color! What a fun package to open ~ I just love surprises! Thank you again, Wendy :D

These Dresden Plate quilt blocks are made up of charming, vintage fabrics and sweetly embroidered with black outlines. I really love the way a touch of black pulls together a confetti of fun colors! 'The Plan' is to make some charming pillows for my studio. I have yet to use the new sewing machine that I got for Christmas... nearly a month and 1/2 ago... that's, um, 42 days ago. I don't have a space to set it up right now. I'd have to move some things which would require some cooperation by sweetie, but I'm working on it :) I'm telling you this in hopes of embarrassing myself into getting off my tush and firing that thing up! Seems I've developed quite a talent for procrastinating. In any case, I love these blocks and am enjoying their cuteness, pillows or not.

Aren't they yummy? I'm so tickled that I found these again! :)


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