Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pocket Change Pastime

One of these days, I'll sync up with some specific days of the week blog posting criteria { Oh, such lofty aspirations I have! } but I haven't yet, so... today I feel like sharing some thrifty finds :)

I've been on a window shopping budget lately, but last weekend I was in the mood to indulge a little so I headed to my local thrift store and this is what I found. The little things in life can bring such happiness... I find this to be so true!

First of all... yes, I know that I use this quilt in the background of just about every photo that I post here lately, but I can't help it... I love it! Basically, if I really like something it will 'go' with this sweet, old quilt. Maybe, eventually, something new will come along sweep me off my feet the way this cutie has!

I found an old hobnail chenille bedspread... twin size with just a couple small spots and lots of cute, twisty fringe. It has fun, lollipop style flowers, swirly vines and something that looks sort of like big tulips in tiny pots. :)

I'm not sure how old this chippy, enamel pot is but I love the pretty color! For some reason the color is a little 'Dijon' in the photos though ~ lol  It's a happy, pastel yellow and I can picture it in a garden planted with red geraniums :) When I found it, there were still a few evergreen tree doo-dads in it like had been stored in a shed or a porch. I imagine that it may have been used to put up some beautiful, summer fruit or sweet, bread & butter pickles like my grandpa used to make. Imagined history or real, this one makes me smile :)  

I also found a bright pink, linen skirt with little tulip flare at the bottom that was made by Banana Republic ... so cute and happy. I waffled a bit about the second skirt that I bought because I thought it might be too 'young' for me, but I decided I didn't care. I like it and life is too short to worry about silly things like that  ~ lol  I used this skirt in a photo for a listing in my Etsy shop. I think I love it and I think this outfit would look great with my orange converse! I definitely need to keep one these necklaces for myself :)

Thanks for taking a peek at my thrift store finds! Have your found some treasures lately? I'd love to hear about them if you'd like to share!

Cheers to junkers, thrifters and lovers of vintage everywhere! I hope you have a happy day :)


Southern Lady's Market said...

Pocket change past times bring lots of fun!! Great finds!

yippeevintage said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ms Southern! Glad you like my new, old stuff :)

donna said...

Love all of your finds. It is so much fun we I can do that.

yippeevintage said...

Thank you, Donna :) I'm so glad you stopped by!

JC said...

Great finds! I love that blanket! Have fun with your new "treasures" =)


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