Thursday, November 27, 2008

This is where I play...

I finally took a picture of my studio space! No before photos... just imagine it without the cupboards either side :) I left the fronts off of bases because why close up a space where I can put more stuff! And I didn't put the plastic handles on the cupboards because I'm sure I can come up with something a little more charming ~ in the meantime, I just leave them ajar so I can open them. The left side is open so you can see how organized I am! Nevermind the boxes and bags just outside the frame of the picture ~ lol :) Sadly, the lighting in that room is pretty bad... there's one little skinny window that faces another building so really no there's natural light. I had to use the flash for this picture so everything that's shiny is reflecting the glare. I usually have a bare bulb hanging from the wire shelf above the table (and, yes, it looks as sad as it sounds ~ lol) but I have a paper lantern shade that I'm 'planning' to prettify to cover it. Maybe I'll do three! In my imaginary, creative world I have hours on end to make all sorts of wonderful things!

Anyway, this is where I play :) I hope you enjoy taking a peek!

That cutie-pie of an apron is a recent purchase from

I did a few close-ups of some of my favorite things :) My apologies for the light deprived photos... these are SO much cuter in person!

Hey! There's my 'blah, blah birdy' magnet from

Fabulous greeting card from

One of my first etsy purchases... from

Those cool pattern tissue magnets are from

That sweet 'cupcakes' sign is from

Helloooo Chuck :)


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hi Angela! I need you to come and organize me! My daughter has that talent and I don't know where she got it from. Great job! Love all your etsy purchases too!

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Cute spot to work in Angela...right now I am cleaning up my area in the house/home office to make room for Christmas goodies!

Buon Natale Amica,


Anonymous said...

Great space - sooo nice you can close the doors and not see the messes that are inevitably in a studio - lol.


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