Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

My sweetheart and I took a sunny, late aftenoon stroll yesterday... it was beautiful! We feel lucky to have such pretty places to visit within walking distance of home. There's a disk golf course in this park too, but I've never mastered the art of throwing a Frisbee. btw... did you know that Frisbee is a brand name? So is Band-Aid. How's that for digression? Now that's something I've mastered :)

I was so tickled when I saw these steps! The bright red paint looked quite charming in the middle of this little patch of woods... like something out of a fairytale. My fella smiled and rolled his eyes a little at my giddiness. That's him with the backpack, top left, waiting patiently for me :)

Vibrant tulips in beautiful colors... the little things in life can bring such joy, can't they? I hope you enjoyed this little walk through my neighborhood with me. Happy spring!


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